June 3, 2007 marks the 14-year anniversary of the arrests of Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin. These men have been locked up for almost a decade and a half for something they did not do, and the many efforts to expose what happened to them in those Arkansas courtrooms is even more powerful and committed than ever.

Time hasn't diminished the outrage or the frustration over verdicts that grow even more absurd as the years have passed and more is learned about what really happened to the murder victims.

West Memphis Three Worldwide Awareness Day is a way for people all over the world to come together to organize their own benefits, awareness-raising and fundraising events to help keep this tragic injustice in the public eye and to generate funding for the ongoing legal and investigative work that will free these three men. The world is aware of this case and there's no chance of it disappearing. There are too many eyes and ears and voices now. Please take a look at the events and benefits that are happening in your area on or around June 3, and arrange to be there. If there isn't an events nearby, please consider hosting your own. Read up on the case and do what you can to insure that this kind of thing never happens again. It's up to everyone one of us...

To have your event listed on WM3.org, please email all of your event details including venue, address, bands or artists, time and entrance fee to supporters@wm3.org. And please make sure that our official WAD coordinator, Tammy, has all of your info as well-- her myspace page is listed below. Let's make this the highest profile world awareness day ever!