Hi there everybody,

My name is Jeremy Gosnell I am a documentary filmmaker working on a production about World Awareness Day. I was able to attend the Little Rock Arkansas event and have made some great contacts as well as gained some great footage. However, I am writing you all today to ask for more footage. That is right you read correctly. I am seeking videos & photos shot at events particularly in Arkansas but around the world as well. I have a teaser already online for the documentary at myspace.com/cponline.

I am also seeking music for the soundtrack, I have been substituting well known songs from our supporters in the mean time such as Army Reverse, Chuck D & Henry Rollings Rise Above song, & Chuck Prophet's "West Memphis Moon" however, if I am unable to clear those with the artist I must use music I am able to clear so if your an artist mentioned above or not listed above... contact myself at [email protected]

Lastly, "Free the West Memphis 3"