Dear Friends:

I want to extend my most sincere thanks for all of your time, energy and
commitment in organizing and carrying out WM3 Awareness Day 2005. I know how
much work it takes to put on an event, and it's amazing so many were held to
help the horrible injustice known as the WM3 that still hovers over

The past year has been particularly hard with the stops and starts in DNA
testing; and the waiting- the never ending waiting for something to give.
We're growing tired, and in some ways our spirits have fallen, but I know
Jason, Damien and Jessie are holding on, and it has largely to do with you.

You've all made my life a whole lot brighter, too. I can't help but worry
about mounting legal fees, keeping the story alive and, of course, trying to
keep morale up. You've made my job so much easier and I want to thank each
and every one of you for anything and all you have done. Each day I get
messages from people who have heard about the case, or funds to help relieve
the financial stress of legal costs. You should all count yourselves a huge
asset to the tenacious spirit and never-ending force that has become this
fight for freedom.

You should be very proud - I know I am to have you on our side. It has made
ALL the difference.

My best to all of you,

Lorri Davis