West Memphis 3 Attorneys File Petition

posted 5:54 pm Thu May 29, 2008 - Jonesboro
reporter: Heather Crawford posted by: Scott Munsell
from Channel 7 - http://www.katv.com/news/stories/0508/524083.html

Attorneys for one of the West Memphis 3 filed a petition in court Thursday claiming Jason Baldwin did not get a fair trial because his attorney did not represent him effectively.

Baldwin--along with Jessie Misskelley and death row inmate Damien Echols--were convicted of killing three eight-year-boys 15 years ago in West Memphis.

The document, filed in Craighead County Circuit Court, says evidence was never introduced to discredit a jailhouse informant who claimed he heard Baldwin confess.

The petition goes on to say Baldwin has always denied his guilt, and could account for his whereabouts on the day of the murders--had he been called to testify.

Hearings are scheduled for September to determine whether the three men will be granted new trials.

(Lorri Davis, Damien Echol's Wife) "I've worked on this case now for ten years, and we've taken every piece of the state's case apart, and refuted all of it at this point."