Q:  What about WM3 T-shirts and other merch?
A:   Depending on the size and type of your event, we may be able to help you obtain some raffle/auction items.  Once you've submitted your finalized information, we can discuss this further.  Please realize that WM3.org is using Zazzle now, meaning there's no longer a way to get FTWM3 shirts in bulk and at cost.  You may want to print some of these (LINK-COMING SOON) and hand them out at your event, so people know where to go and order one!

If you want to go the Zazzle route for WM3 merch know this:
1. Sometimes Zazzle has promos where the shipping is free. This is probably the best promo to utilize for the Awareness Day since buying in bulk will already lower the price of your multiple item purchase and shipping costs can really add up.
2. Become a Zazzle associate and collect a few bucks when someone buys anything on Zazzle. As an associate you get a referral fee for directing people to the WM3.org zazzle store. If you are blogging, emailing etc alerting people to the WM3 merch on zazzle you can have the link reflect your associate number and if they buy ANYTHING on Zazzle - you get the referral fee to do with what you want. It might add up to enough $ to purchase some buttons or bags or what have you for your Awareness Day benefit.
You could even create a site or blog promoting WM3 merch, utilizing your referral links and promote the site/blog at your benefit to direct people who are interested in WM3 merch. Print out a few pages of the merch there is to offer and have some cards handy with your blog/site addy on them. You basically have created a wm3 merch store...
3. When buying in bulk from Zazzle you do not have to order 100 of the same shirt, bag or what have you. Like items count toward the sum. So you can buy 4 black shirts, 6 green shirts, 5 hoodies, and 5 baby t's and 6 sweatshirts and get whatever the discount is for 26 shirts. I'm pretty sure this goes for mugs, buttons and everything else on Zazzle.