Board Rules

The West Memphis Three Discussion Board is a public forum and, while we want to encourage a flow of information and ideas, we also ask that you follow a few basic rules. If you do not agree with these, then please do not post on this message board.

This is also a moderated discussion board. There are Forum Moderators who will help guide discussion, can answer questions, or give suggestions. Moderators may also give warnings. Banning and editing will be used as a last resort and will be avoided if at all possible.

Feel free to contact a moderator using the Yuku in-box feature if you have questions or concerns regarding the discussion board. Please include a link to the thread or post you have a concern about.  

Current moderators are:  redwolfvision, wayne, and whydimmi.

General Rules


Fellow Users
Please be tolerant and respectful of your fellow board members, even if their opinions differ from yours. This board is maintained by supporters of the WM3, but posters with any viewpoint are welcome. Discussion and criticism of ideas and opinions are encouraged, but you may not personally attack others. Even if you deem yourself more knowledgeable on a particular topic than another user, please remember to respond constructively.

'Snag and Drag'
There will be no relaying of other people's posts or threads from another message board onto this one. If you read something elsewhere about which you'd like information and/or clarification from the members of this board, please be careful how you phrase your question. Ask in a general manner; do not copy and paste directly. Do not post private emails, inboxes, or any other correspondence that was not originally intended for an audience. Blog postings, material from Web sites, and items published by the media are generally acceptable. If you are in doubt about a specific item, please feel free to ask an admin prior to posting.

We are all entitled to our opinions, but if you are knowingly or purposely posting to incite anger and negativity on the board, you will be removed for trolling. This board is meant for meaningful discussions and debates, not a place for you to start trouble. Board members are expected to ignore obvious flame bait. Do not feed the trolls.

Posting "Real Life" Information
Personal information is not to be given out about any individual without their permission. Posting any real life information about another member is strictly prohibited. This includes such things as full names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Purposely posting links to users' social networking pages, websites, etc. for the sole purpose of harassment will result in a permanent ban.

Circumventing a Ban
Creating an alternate username and logging into the boards to continue to post will result in added ban time to your original banned account. The new username will be permanently banned.

Chat Room
The chat room is an extension of the board. Chatters who are disruptive and distract from the discussion at hand may be warned and/or removed. Please be aware that the chat room is not moderated at all times. Lurking is discouraged. If you come to chat, please join in!

Posters will be given three chances. The consequenses for those chances are as follows.

  • First offense: ANYONE who continually posts inappropriate content on this board will be banned for three days.
  • Second offense: Once you have already received a three day ban if you continue after that point to post inappropriate content you will be banned for one month.
  • Third strike you're out. If a poster has already had their two shots at playing nice and still insists on inappropriate behavior you will be permantly banned for a time period that the admins deem appropriate. There will be no open discussion on this.
  • Responding to an inappropriate post in an inappropriate way will not be tolerated from this point on. If you do respond, and that response is also in an inappropriate mannor you will receive a three day ban as well.

Examples of inappropriate behavior:

  • Personally attacking another poster, Mod or Admin on this board. This includes derogatory comments. Every poster is equal here and is expected to be treated as such.
  • Threatening any poster, Mod or Admin on this board.
  • Responding to posts from other boards, on this board. There is to be no "snag and drag" here. If you have a problem with a post on another board, respond on THAT board, not here. "Snag and Drag" threads will be removed.

Feel free to use the ezboard in-box feature if you have questions or concerns regarding the discussion board. Please include a link to the thread or post you have a concern about.

Thank you

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