I'm new here, I've been lurching here for 3 years but didn't feel I had the knowledge or confidence to speak up. I think it was unfair of me to let the rest of you argue/debate/agree and me and others just read like voyeurs. 

I dont know what happened that night. I wish I knew. From reading the evidence that I could find I couldn't pick anyone I think committed this crime. There's  just not enough evidence that I've seen to even suspect anyone.

I believe the WM3 to be 100% innocent. I've seen no evidence to link them to the crime, no motive and I can't see any logical explanation for why they would do suck a thing.

i also don't believe JMB was involved either. He was a bit strange back then but with regards to this crime I think he acted like I would have acted,no evidence to link him either, IMO

I also haven't seen any evidence that that convinces me TH was involved. I know that the mtDNA could be his, but if that was Pam or Amanda's should we accuse them??? Secondary transfer is a real possibility. As for the bite marks, I don't believe that.

I have a lot to learn about this case and I look forward to getting shot down about my opinions. Haha talk soon I'm sure  

ps. I'm 14hrs behind the USA (I think)