The bodies of all three boys were found nude and hogtied. The clothes of all three boys were forcibly removed. Christopher Byers was castrated, and other physical evidence suggested that oral sex had been performed on Steve Branch, and the perpetartor at least tried to force the boys to perform oral sex on him. The whole thing went wrong and the boys were killed by some sadistict sexual predator.  Maybe the boys threatened to tell or resisted too much. I'm convinced they tried to fight off their attacker, but were overpowered.

I don't believe turtles or animals caused the severe injuries to Chistopher Byers or Stevie Branch. As I understand it the bodies were found facedown in the mud, and no animal tracks were found in the original crime scene. How could a turtle or animal even have access to the groin area of Chistopher Byers if he was facedown in the mud? The severe injuries inflicted on the boys was done by the killer, I believe.

Two pairs of underwear were missing, as well as five socks. The sexual predator took souveniers. In evey other case I've read about where a child victim was found murdered and nude in a remote location like the woods, it was the work of a sexual predator. Even mulipitle victims killed by a single person. (San Diego 1993 / Chicago 1955)

Anyway, I believe this murder of three children in West Memphis, Arkansas was sexually motivated and carried out by a sexual predator. A very sick and sadistic sexual predator, most likely an adult.

Who was it? I don't know.

That's my opinion, anyway. Obviously I didn't witness the crime.

Edit to add...

Google the names Lewis Lent, Scott Erskine, Irwin Hartford, and Kenneth Hansen, and you'll see the type of indiivdual who was the perpetrator. I'm not saying any of those people were the actual perpetrator, just the type of person who would do this to three children. That patch of woods known as Robin Hood Hills would be an obvious place for children from the Holiday Gardens subdivision to the south to explore and play in, as well as a place for criminals and sexual deviants to hide in. And it probaby was a place for teenagers to party in, most likely on the weekends though. Just a guess. I think it was a sexual deviant hiding in those woods, waiting for a child victim, and it turned out to be three victims.

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